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“We see sea shells on the Seychelles”

by April on November 1, 2018
“We see sea shells on the Seychelles”

Destination event … All things Seychelles

We quite literally jump at any given opportunity we have to meet and mingle with hoteliers, suppliers, tour operators, airlines … you name it!
So when we were invited to attend a hosted evening all about the Seychelles and what these islands can offer our clients, we couldn’t say no …

Some interesting facts not all of you may know about the Seychelles:

  • The Seychelles are situated in the Indian Ocean and comprise of 115 islands – 41 of these are the oldest granite islands on earth whilst 74 coral atolls make up the outer islands of the Seychelles.
  • The Seychelles is very proudly home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites whilst 50% of  the islands entirety is made up entirely of vegetation and wildlife.
  • The Seychelles is an all year round holiday destination.  Travelling during December to April will see you experience the hottest weather here from highs of 32 degrees possible.
    From December through to February, the rainfall is slightly higher than usual however these short sharp showers shouldn’t deter you from visiting the Seychelles during this time.
    With May through to October bringing drier yet slightly cooler weather, you can still expect 25 degrees upwards during these months.
  • Admirably, for over two centuries the islands have remained a melting pot of different races, traditions and religions from the four corners of the earth. Inspired by its grand diversity of cultural influences, ethnic diversity with racial harmony remain the mainstays of today’s vibrant yet tranquil Creole nation for which harmony is a way of life.
  • The Seychelles is home to some incredible bouts of mother nature … From the worlds smallest frog that will fit onto your thumbnail, to the heaviest land tortoise, right through to the largest seed in the world; Coco de Mar. A nut that can weigh at its heaviest, up to 25kg!

Renowned for its activities, the Seychelles is perfect for surfing, fishing, bird watching, snorkelling, diving, hiking, sailing … you name it, it’s here!

The best way to plan a visit to the Seychelles, other than picking up the phone to us, is to island hop.
Every island is different in it’s culture and experiences and as every client is different, it is the best way to ensure you see all that the Seychelles has to offer you.

Whilst many clients assume the Seychelles would be out of their budget, that is no longer the case. There are fantastic island hopping options available to guests from just over £2,500 per person – consider this includes UK return flights, all internal flights and transfers plus hotel accommodation … we think that’s an incredible starting point in exploring this amazing part of the world.
This destination is perfectly suited to families, couples, honeymooners and of course wedding clients … There isn’t any one person that the Seychelles does not cater for.

It is good to note and be mindful that the resorts generally cater for Bed & Breakfast or Half Board options and that all inclusive isn’t something available here. Lunches however can be reasonably priced at around £20-£25 per person and if you are staying in a resort on Mahe for example, there are plentiful options to dine around and enjoy evening drinks.

We can’t wait to explore this Indian Ocean gem more and look forward to welcoming your enquiries.

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